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The Custom bet system is different than Betting system, in that you can decide how much it costs to enter a bet, and choose what users are betting on. In order to enable custom betting you must ensure the "ENable !cbet" box is checked under the Settings tab.

Related Commands

Moderator Commands

This command will allow a moderator to create a bet. They can set the amount it requires for users to enter the bet, and let them choose what they are betting on.

!cbet new [currency to enter bet] [option1], [option2], [option3], [etc]

Example : !cbet new 200 first, second, third

Decide which option is the winner. Upon using the command the following happens:

1. The bet will end

2. All losers will have the amount bet removed from their accounts

3. all winners will have the amount they won added to their accounts

4. Vivbot will post: The winners are: [winners]. Each winner gets [amount won - amount bet] Currency. See math below for calculations on amount won.

This can be used in two ways

!cbet winner [bet option number]

!cbet winner [bet option name]

Example : !cbet winner 1 or !cbet winner option1

Pauses the custom bet (nobody can join the bet until unpaused)

!cbet pause

Unpauses the custom bet and allows new people to join the bet

!cbet unpause

Ends the custom bet. This will not remove or award any currency and will cancel all current bets.

!cbet end

User commands

Anybody can join the bet in two ways. When a bet is made it CANNOT be changed. There is notification or confirmation from Vivbot when a bet is made.

!cbet [bet option number]

!cbet [bet option name]

Example !cbet 1 or !cbet option1


The owner can create a new custom bet with different options for users to choose from and decide how much currency it takes to enter the bet..

All users can join the bet by paying the set bet amount and choosing an option.

All currency that is used by users to bet is put into a general pot.

When a winner option is chosen by the owner, users who have won the bet get :

[amount won] = [total pot] / [number of winning users]

Vivbot will say that each winner has won [amount won] - [amount bet]

Example: !cbet 200 first, second. third is created.

3 Users bet on first, 2 on second, and 1 on third.

The total pot is now 1200 currency (200*(3+2+1))

Owner declares second the winner using !cbet winner 2, or !cbet winner second

The 2 people who get on second get 600 currency each. (1200/2)

Vivbot messages that each winner has won 400 Currency (600-200)