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Defuse is a mini-game in which the viewers have to follow a set of instructions to defuse the bomb to save the day. When the bomb is planted, a link to instructions is posted in chat and a random user receives the pliers that can be used to cut a wire in an attempt to defuse the bomb. If the bomb is defused in time, recently active users are rewarded. If the time runs out or the incorrect wire is cut, recently active users lose currency.


The bomb has a timer, it's 90 seconds at all difficulties.

User selection

The pliers are given to a random user who has been active chat in the last 5 seconds before the bomb has been planted.

All users active chat in the last 5 seconds before the bomb has been planted are affected by the currency win/loss.

Additionally, any user who talks after the bomb has been planted is added to both of the above categories.

Mod commands

Start the mini game by planting the bomb. Difficulty ranges from 1 to 10. Default difficulty is 3.

!plantbomb [difficulty]

Forces the user with the pliers to pass. Useful if the user is afk.


Viewer commands

The user with the pliers can use them to cut a wire.

!cut [wire number]

The user with the pliers can pass them to the next random viewer.


Known issues

The timer on the page is not perfectly synchronized with the timer that appears in chat.