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Vivbot can be used to facilitate giveaways on a Twitch channel. Giveaways can be limited to users based on time point and chat point requirements, as well as a currency payment. Each user can enter only enter a giveaway once.

Related Commands

User Commands

Joins the giveaway. People who have previously won the current giveaway cannot rejoin.


Moderator Commands

Creates a giveaway if one doesn't exist.

!giveaway new

Picks a winner and print it out in chat. This does not end or pause the giveaway in any way. The winner is removed from the giveaway pool and cannot join or win this giveaway again.

!giveaway winner

Removes the giveaway and discards all information.

!giveaway end or !giveaway stop

Prints out relevant information about the current giveaway.

!giveaway status

Pauses the giveaway, preserving all information. People cannot join a paused giveaway.

!giveaway pause

Unpauses the giveaway if it is paused.

!giveaway unpause

Forcefully adds the user to the giveaway. There are no conditions that can prevent this.

!giveaway forcejoin [user name]

Forcefully kicks the user from the giveaway if they are in it. The user is unable to rejoin this giveaway.

!giveaway forcekick [user name]

Adds all currently watching channel subscribers.

!giveaway addsubs

Adds all channel subscribers, even if they are not currently watching the stream.

!giveaway addsubs all