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Polls are used to get get responses from viewers. Polls can be enabled or disabled in the Settings Tab or in the Polls Tab. There are two way of creating and managing Polls. First through the Polls tab on Vivbot's dashboard. The second is though commands entered into chat.

Polls Tab

The polls tab can be used to create and remove polls. It's also useful to see the results in a more visual manner.


Here you can determine and add the options that viewers can vote for in the poll. You can add more options by clicking on the "Add Option" button. There is no limit to the number of options that should beIf any options are blank they will not be included in the poll. There must be at least 2 options to start a poll.

Start Poll

This button will begin a poll using the options listed in the options boxes. Starting a poll will enter a message into chat notifying everyone of the options and how to voite.

Only one poll can be running at once, clicking the Start Poll while a poll is currently active will do nothing.

Two option boxes must be filled to start the poll.

Remove Poll

This will end the poll immediately.

No results or notification will be shown in chat by clicking this button.

Poll Infographic

While a poll is running a pie chart will show up in this place. The chart shows the percentage of each result in the poll and how many votes they have in a visual way.

Enable Polls

This will either enable polls or disable them entirely.

Poll Commands

You can also create and moderate polls with commands in chat.

User Commands

Vote on the current poll. A vote must be in the format !vote # for it to count. All users can only vote once, and this vote cannot be changed.

!vote [option # your choice]

Creates a poll if one doesn't exist. Each choice will be assigned a number in the order they are listed that the viewers will use to vote.

!poll new [poll choices separated by ","]

Ends the poll. This does not show the results of the poll in chat.

!poll end

Shows the results of the poll in chat. This does not end the poll.

!poll results

Pauses the poll. When poll is paused, votes are ignored.

!poll pause

Unpauses the poll. And voting will be resumed

!poll unpause